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Welsh Ladies

We announce the arrival of our new range of Limited Edition Welsh Tartan Ladies.

Each Lady adorns a Welsh family tartan skirt. The cloth is woven at The Cambrian Woollen Mill in Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales (licensed to The Welsh Tartan Centre).

Our collection showcases the following Welsh family names; Jones, Davies, Evans, Williams and Thomas alongside the St David’s tartan. The limited edition Ladies created by BODOLI have a unique number and authenticity certificate.

These editions will be limited to just 100 of each design and we are currently working towards creating all the Welsh surname tartans in this range.

The familiar image of the Welsh lady initially became popular in the early 19th Century. Mainly worn in rural parts of Wales, it was used to help revive the Welsh culture at a time when our traditions were under threat of being forgotten. It was proudly used to promote the Welsh heritage and culture.
The costume comprised a tall black hat, striped flannel petticoat, flannel fronted open bed gown, apron, shawl and cap.

This soon became the National Costume for Wales and was worn to eisteddfodau, churches, chapels and other auspicious events. Before the First World War the outfit was worn by girls to celebrate our National St David’s Day in Wales and this tradition still exists today.

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